Multi-risk insurance

we-Toulouse understands that apartment rentals must be made with confidence, which is why every reservation made on comes with the ADAR warranty.
An insurance specially developed and adapted by ADAR and we-Toulouse for short-term rentals.

This multi-risk insurance covers the tenant against:

  • Reservation Cancellation
  • Interruption of stay
  • Tenants Legal Liability

Cancellation due to:
  • Serious illness, accident, death, major home damage, lay-off, professional relocation, roadblocks, strikes, any complication due to pregnancy until the 28th week.
  • Deposit / down payment + sums due, limited to €15 000.
Curtailment due to:
  • Serious illness, death, major home damage, unavailability of accommodation.
  • Rent for unused portion of hilidays, limited to €15 000.
Personal liability:
  • Property damage due to fire, an explosion or flooding.
  • Remedy of neighbours and third parties.
  • Damage to the property or belongings of the owner of the rented accommodation.
  • Limited to €1 500 000.
  • Up to €450 000.
  • Limited to €2 500, with €75 deductible.