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Why do seasonal renting?

  • Whether you're going away for holidays, business trips or just for a weekend, you can benefit from your absence!
  • The assurance of rental payments within agreed time.
  • Regular maintenance of your accommodation.
  • The possibility to use it as you like.
  • A high occupation rate, Paris being the most visited city in the world with 27 million tourists every year!!!

Our business and our priority are the quality of service we provide to our owners.

Specialist in quality furnished apartments for short (two nights minimum) and mid stay since 2011, we-Toulouse is the reference of the actors who offers "turnkey service" for owners.

Your goal: To get more profit from your home, to have peace of mind, to entrust your property to a professional who will take care of your apartment like hers.

Our goal: To maximize the fill rate of your home by ensuring quality guests and optimal maintenance of your property.

We-Toulouse has three of your apartment management packages.

We-Toulouse suggests 3 management packages for your apartment.

Partial management of your furnished apartment :

  • Its marketing
  • The rent collection

Semi-partial management of your furnished apartment:

  • Its marketing
  • Guest reception (check-in/check-out)
  • The inventory
  • The deposit management
  • The rent collection
  • The assistance during guest stay

Full management of your apartment :

  • Its marketing
  • Its cleaning before each arrival
  • Tenants reception (check-in/check-out)
  • The inventory
  • The rent collection
  • The deposit management
  • The assistance during tenants stay

By choosing we-Toulouse you make a choice of quality, respectful customers, interactive website and especially an excellent renting profitability.

You want to know more about the furnished rental apartment benefits?  
Here we go! 
Your apartment needs to be renovated, refurbished or is ready for rent, contact us, we-Toulouse has the solution!
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How to promote my property

You must respect the 4 we-Toulouse selection criteria:

  • Being owner of the property that you want to rent (or get written permission from your owner)
  • The apartment must be located in Toulouse intra-muros
  • Submit a minimum availability of 3 months per year
  • Respect the quality charter we-Toulouse

If these 4 criteria are met, send us an email to your rental wish details:

  • Address
  • Number sleeping
  • Size
  • Number of rooms
  • Floor with or without elevator
  • Facilities
  • Some pictures to give us an overview
  • Principal or secondary residence


Benefit from several advantages by renting your apartment seasonal! Here are the details.

Useful links

* In order to better understand your situation regarding the social legislation click here:

* Information regarding the financial legislation applicable to your situation, click here:


Seasonal rental allows you to control the availability of your apartment. It can only be rented during periods indicated in your proprietary interface. You might enjoy it the rest of the time.


You receive the rental income at the end of each month.


As part of your second home, seasonal rentals allow you to monetize your property during your absence and offset the expenses inherent in your apartment. As an investment, the furnished rental takes into account your financial goal for you to make the most from your apartment.


This formula allows you to enjoy an excellent maintenance of your property. In the case of short holiday periods, we offer a cleaning service and laundry. With this formula, your apartment does not degrade.

Residents income

Furnished rentals is a commercial activity. Profits and losses are liable to income tax in the category of industrial and commercial profits (BIC) and not in the category of property income. There are 2 modes: • The micro system • The simplified normal scheme

Micro BIC regime

It is the ordinary law applicable when your earnings do not exceed € 76,300. Under this regime, rental income has an allowance of 72%, with a minimum of €305. This allowance covers expenses you incurred during the year. You cannot deduce any of the actual value, not even the deductible portion of the CSG you support on your earned income. Similarly, when you lift this regime you cannot detect any deficit.


Report the gross amount of your rental income without deducting any charges on your statement 2042C page 2 §5 , part C (NO PO lines ) . Send it with your return. Filing date: The tax return for the year N is to file your later tax office on April 5 N + 1 at midnight.

Simplified real regime

This regime applies automatically where rental income is between 76,300 and € 763,000 . The non-professional furnished renter that normally fall within the micro BIC regime can opt for the simplified real regime by addressing a request to that effect before 1st February of the year . The option is addressed to the tax office and is formulated upon free paper. It is valid and irrevocable for 2 years. It is automatically renewed every 2 years. This option is only of interest if your deductible expenses are greater than the reduction of 72%. The actual speed also allows you to identify, if necessary , a deficit attributable to your total income and your BIC subsequent years.


Fill in the professional results declaration No. 2031 and its annexes 2031 bis and ter . Join the tax tables n ° 2033 A to G. Report your professional net result on your statement No. 2042C , part B ( KD line to MD or KJ MJ if you do not adhere to an approved management center ) and your unprofessional net income under C ( line ND to PD or NJ to PJ) .

Non-resident income

Persons not domiciled in France who have a home in France must carry a tax return . The imposition of these persons only applies subject to the international conventions signed by France . (See the conventions on the site Impôts.Gouvernement in the Documentation section). Taxation applicable to non-resident is the same as that of residents is to say : • The micro-enterprise regime • The simplified real regime See above paragraph . The difference results in the applicable tax rate equal to 25 % of net taxable income unlike the progressive rate of tax applicable to residents. Another difference , not least , rental revenues are not subject to the CSG.


The declaration must be made each year to the Centre of Tax Non- residents: 9, rue d'Uzes 75084 PARIS Cedex 02 Tel. : 01 44 76 19 00 e- mail: Filing date: The date of submission of declarations is based on the place of residence of the taxpayer. • Europe and countries of the coastal Mediterranean : before April 30th • Africa (excluding countries of the coastal Mediterranean ) and North America: before May 15th • Central America and South America : before May 30th • Asia (excluding countries of the coastal Mediterranean),Oceania and other countries.

Business tax

The furnished rental companies are liable for the business tax.

Housing tax

The residence tax is due for all affected furnished premises for habitation. It is established in the name of those who, for any reason whatsoever (owner, tenant, occupant), use of premises furnished housing on 1st January of the current year. However, are exempt from council tax, local business tax liable if they are not part of the personal residence of the taxpayer. The case of double taxation to the housing tax and the business tax is since 1993 waived except contrary decision of local authorities in application of Article 1459 of the CGI. The furnished apartments rented by owners who retain the layout of their homes outside the rental periods are taxed for the entire year under the conditions of ordinary law. As for the tenants or lodgers as they are personally liable for the housing tax if they have the furnished apartment permanently and exclusively, this even if the hirer is liable to the business tax for the same location. In case of limited stay the tenant will not have to pay council tax but will be subject to tax.


The residence tax is determined annually, depending on the situation on the 1st of January of the tax year. You do not have to sign a declaration tax, a notice is sent to you automatically by the tax office. The residence tax is payable to cash at the address stated on the tax notice. Claim: A notice is automatically sent to every taxpayer on the 1st of January. If you receive this tax notice, simply send a complaint to the tax office to seek relief measure. Attach to your claim: - a copy of your tax notice . - A letter stating that the apartment is the subject of seasonal rental short stay, and never inhabited by you personally. - All the relevant supporting documents. we-Toulouse will be happy to send you a statement with the rentals made during the year.

Property tax

The property tax is due annually by the owner or usufructuary of a building. It is established for the entire year according to the situation on the 1st of January of the tax year. For the tax base, the cadastral income constitutes the tax base. It is equal to the decreased cadastral rental value of a 50% reduction.


You do not have annual reporting to subscribe. Except for new buildings or existing buildings transformed, restored or upgraded . A tax notice is automatically sent to you by the tax office.

Contribution on rental income

The contribution on rental income is due for furnished rentals which are not subject to VAT made in completed buildings for over 15 years. The contribution is equal to 2.5 % of net revenue from the furnished rental received during the previous calendar year. How to report : List on the 2042 , page 3 §4 , line BL , the amount of gross revenue. CSG Income from furnished rentals are subject to CSG.

Tax vacant unit

The tax is due for each vacant accommodation for at least two consecutive years, on January the 1st of the tax year. Housing is not considered vacant if occupied at least 30 consecutive days during each of the 2 years of the reference period. The tax is not due in case of vacancy of the independent will of the taxpayer.


A notice is automatically sent to all taxpayers do not pay residence tax. If you receive this tax notice, simply send a complaint to the tax office before 31 December 2005, to seek relief measure. Attach to your complaint a copy of your tax notice and all relevant supporting documents. we-Toulouse will be happy to send you a statement with the rentals made in the shortest possible time.

Apartment renovation

Since 2010, we-Toulouse has been surrounded by competent and demanding professionals to restore your property to match the customer demands of short and medium term rental.

The renovation, the makeover, the layout and decoration have no secrets for us.

Renovation to the complete development of your property, we-Toulouse will guide you to make it exceptional.

We can also arrange the purchase of furniture and appliances. We receive them directly at your place.

To deepen your project, contact us by email on for a quote by indicating:

  • The address of the property
  • Its size
  • Number of bedroom, bathroom, toilet
  • Current Condition
  • Your Renovation Wish

Mandatory diagnostics

ENERGETIC PERFORMANCE DPE (Compulsory energy performance diagnostics) All occupied dwellings 4 months a year minimum 10 years No document with just informative value


Rental since 01/07/2007

Directive 2002/91/CE du 16/12/2002. Loi n°2004-1343 du 09/12/2004 et loi du 13/07/2005. Ordonnance n°2005-655 du 08/06/2005. Décret n°2006-1147. Arrêtés du 15/09/2007.
NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGIC RISKS ERNT (Statement of natural and technological risks) All the buildings whose building permit was issued before 01/07/1997. Illimited No exemption of the implied warranty


Rental since 01/06/2006

Loi du 30/07/2003 du Code de l'environnement. Articles L125-1 et R125-26. Arrêté du 13/10/2005.
DECENT HOUSING Property recent housing diagnostic All housing Getting civil or criminal liability (endangering the health of others) the lessor owner and/or his agent Mise en responsabilités civile ou pénale (mise en danger de la santé d'autrui) du propriétaire bailleur et/ou de son mandataire



 Loi 2000-1208 du 13/12/00. Décret 2002-120 du 30/01/02.
ROBIEN's CONSTAT Robien Realestate Diagnostic Old housing to be leased Rental Loi 2003-590 du 02/07/03 (art 91). Décret 2003-1219 et Arrêté du 19/12/03 (JO du 21/12/03)

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